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May 5, 2013
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Moe Szyslak by SnappySnape Moe Szyslak by SnappySnape
My new watercolors are really great! And...I have started to watch The Simpsons again after a pause! This week I haven't done anything else but watched/re-watched them (it's true!). Because my life sucks really much at the moment and I decided to give myself a little break from all of that. All this spring I worked really hard for nothing, NOTHING! I have never been so disappointed in my life!:( But I'm not giving up of my dreams, no matter how unrealistic they are. Sigh, life is nowadays just too difficult, unfair and hard and everything is made so complicated in our society! So I feel a lot like Moe right now... that poor guy!

Moe is my favourite The Simpsons character actually. I started watching the show relatively late, I was 14 years old when I "found" it...or saw the show's real value. Surprisingly, I watched Futurama first before The Simpsons. Even though I love Futurama, I have to say The Simpsons beats it easily (sorry Bender! I still adore you!) because of its wide range of versatility and humoristic way of dealing about the serious issues and problems we have to deal in our life and in our society, and The Simpsons have more heart too. At first I didn't like Moe, I thought he was a weird creep since I hadn't yet got used to the show's style...(hey, Simpsons and Futurama were first adult targeted cartoons I saw!xD) but quite soon I found his character very endearing and relatable once I saw more episodes that included him. I bet he's the writers' pet actually, since there are so many episodes focused on him. He's lonely, frustrated, hated, foul-mouthed, tired, suicidal, cranky, angry, creepy, ugly (in a cute kind of way almost...I mean, Hank Azaria's voice is adorable!)...yet he has more sides than any other Simpsons character in my opinion: he's poetic, always seeking a romance, he's fair and a good friend (umh, at least sometimes when people are buying his beer :XD:) and his agony makes the tv watcher feel better of themselves or having more hope...or at least having good laughs.

And well, many of the Simpsons characters have lots of problems and misfortune so the show is some what empowering... at least it's for me. It's important to know that not everyone is an instant winner with everything and life isn't perfect and can have surprises (bad and good) et cetera. Also, the cruel dark humor is just the thing I need right now. Society really tries to drive everyone crazy these days, sigh! Sh*t! Uh, better watch some more The Simpsons before I turn into complete bitterness.

Oh, I just noticed that today will air an episode "Whiskey Business" which is focused on MOE! OOH! And the clips seem promising and somewhat fitting for my miserable life situation (okay, I'm definitely not suicidal like Moe but very exhausted because of this frustrating failure spring...sigh! Well, perhaps life will be more kinder to me soon, hopefully!) I hope Moe will be happy at the end of that episode! ;_; Can't wait for the episode!

Moe (c) Matt Groening and the gang :heart:, thus this little painting is angst-ridden fan art!;D (P.S. If I hadn't watched The Simpsons, I wouldn't have had a half as an accurate picture of USA as I do now! LMAO!)
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sosimpsy Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it!! You also have his glass of peekled eggs (or how they are called ) :D
SnappySnape Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Professional Artist
Haha, he can't live without them xD
sosimpsy Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, they are his sanctuary :D
Cirilee Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Such a nice painting, with the big eyes and the beautiful coloring! :D
Really love it! And I just found out myself that I really like Moe for what he is, everytime he gets rejected I just want to hug him XD He definitely is my favourite on the show too!
SnappySnape Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Artist
Thank you very much! I wanted to try my take on his character on this one and test my new watercolors!:)

Oh I agree, I totally want to  hug him too when he's having rough time (which means quite often, ahaha!) He's a very hilarious character too! :D
Cirilee Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So true :) The anti-heroes just stick to my brain XD
SnappySnape Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Professional Artist
Haha, yeah, they are the best! :')
SkullBurst Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ooh, nice coloring! :D And with those enlarged eyes, he almost seems as cute as you describe him!
Yes! I totally agree with you on The Simpsons and Futurama thing. At first I thought I was just biased because I grew up with the Simpsons, but no, as much as I like Futurama, I love The Simpsons :love:
You're the second person I know who thinks Moe is adorable in his own way. I really like Moe, but when the first person told me how much she loves him, I was convinced that I'd never hear anyone else say the same thing :XD: I also agree with you on Moe possibly being the writers' pet. They really seem to love slapping him around, toying with just how far they can take his anger and misery and cruelty, and then turning around and giving him some deep angle. He's one of those characters that lets the writers be extra weird and free :nod:

Yes, go watch more episodes. They are exactly the thing we need no matter how we feel ^w^ I really hope things start going better for you, though. Feel free to vent to me whenever you're feeling a little extra angsty :)
SnappySnape Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Professional Artist
Aww, thank you! :giggle: It's weird that he can be ugly and cute at the same time! Now I feel like I could just draw him and the other Simpsons all day long, hahah xD I just have to draw a pic of where Homer and co wear those Icelandic sweaters (they had those in the newest Simpsons episode) since Iceland is near to Finland 8D I doubt they will ever visit Finland though xD Except if they get Conan O'Brien to write that episode since he has made so much fun of Finland in his show :'D

Ooh, it must be so cool to grew up with the Simpsons in USA! *__* Wow! I'm so jealous! Oh, so you love Simpsons more than Futurama too?! Awesome! Futurama is awesome too but many of the jokes are so nerdy that I don't get them xD But gotta love Bender!<3

Ooh, and you like Moe too?! :iconhappytearplz: I guess he has a lot of fans which is a bit surprising considering his nature and looks :D But he's so different than the other characters of the show! Oh, so there is some other person who praises Moe like me?! I guess I'm not a freak after all...xD Moe: HEY!!!
True what you said about Moe and writers! And in episode "Moe 'n' Lisa" Moe became an author so that at least proves he's the writer's pet! 8D And since I'm such a Simpsons geek I have watched some commentaries on the Simpsons dvds and they all seem to really like Moe! Like Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Matt Groening and the writers for example 8D I wonder what kind of miseries will happen to Moe in the next season?! D:

So true! The Simpsons are like laugh therapy for everyone! :love: The episodes are just so hilarious, I often laugh out loud for the jokes and the voices of characters :D Aww, than you, you're a real pal! :hug: :iconhappytearsplz: Now I feel a little better though still a bit angsty xD Oh well, maybe next year will be luckier!:) And summer is almost here, yay!
MoonyMina Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
gorgeous colors :)
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