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Fan art alert! (I´m a fan of many things as you can see!; ) )
But: most of my original stuff is in my two comic blogs...or just waiting to be in zines!: D ZINES!!!!!!! Gotta love them! :heart:


Life is smiling to me!! Big time! I got in the school of my dreams! I will finally got to study degree studies! And: I will be an animator!!! All my worries are now over! Also, I can also go to exhange in some other school abroad, that is so exciting and what I have always wished for! You can guess I'm super excited! Also, since the school is in different city I will have to move there. So it will be first time I live on my own! :excited: Only bad side is that I have to leave my dear dog with my family, we have been inseparate for ten years so that will be strange not to have her to pat every day. But luckily it's only two hours trip back to home, I can always visit there and my dog can visit me since they didn't forbid pets in my new apartment, phew!

Other good news: I will print my comic for the first time ever in a printing house, it will look fantastic I'm sure! My dad's co-worker will make lay outs for a small price for me so I don't have to worry that! I will post pics of the comics when it has come out from printing! (it's my final work comic from last year which I worked with for an year to make it, it's an adventure and humor comic!) I'm really proud of the comic, I just finished all the final touches with computer! (otherwise it's made traditionally with ink and brush...I guess closest to the style I can compare to it is Jeff Smith's's also b&w...he's one of my biggest influences because I adore his clever and smooth visual narration. But of course I have my own style!)

My school will start in two weeks, eeks! I hope the people there will be awesome!

Greetings from

a future animator!

Omg! I'm in ecstasy! :iconexcitedplz:

(P.S. I have been really into Lilo&Stitch lately, it's perfect summer watching! Also I can't wait for The Penguins of Madagascar film, it's all I ever wanted! I'm gonna faint! Because of the penguins, haha! Also it's pretty cool they got Benedict Cumberbatch to play in it too! Then again, he should be honoured to act with most epic penguins in th world, haha! ;P )
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Elvis and Lilo&Stitch soundtrack
  • Reading: Charles Darwin's travel diary wooh
  • Watching: Legend of Korra, silly old pokemon clips
  • Playing: Pokemon White 2
  • Drinking: genmaicha tea with roses


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Comic artist
Artist | Professional | Other
I´m a real comic freak, I´ve drawn them a long, long, long time and it´s my calling and the greatest passion of my life. They have been always a strong,inseparable part of my life and over the years it just has grown bigger and bigger. I could honestly say that I wouldn´t be me if I didn´t draw comics or read them. They are a very huge part of my identity and comics is the thing that makes me feel most alive. Yep...I told you I was a comic freak!: D

Comics and animations that I love:

- Tove Jansson´s Moomin comics (every panel of her comics is a beautiful little masterpiece, anarchistic and warm at the same time plus also it´s still the most original comic strip there is!! Moomins have taught so much to me!)

- Hergé´s Tintin (the style, plots and characters are so marvelous and it´s a comic series I have probably read hundred of times but I still can´t get enough of it!)

- Charles M. Schulz´s Peanuts

- Jeff Smith´s Bone

-Roger Langridge´s Muppet show comics

My other sources of inspirations for my comics are:

- Looney tunes

- Monty Python´s Flying Circus

- Muppets and the people behind them (Muppets can touch our deepest feelings but they are at the same time absolutely funny and crazy!)

-Other Belgian&French comic artists I like are Franquin and Peyo and some of the new Spirou and Fantasio artists!

- The Hitchhiker´s guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (probably my favourite book or at least close to it, the hilarious parody, the verbal fireworks, Marvin, space, the meaning of I need say more?)

- REGULAR SHOW! :heart:

I think imagination is underrated! I believe that imagination and humour is the greatest things humankind has! My motto is: "Random is good, good kind of random." (one comic workshop teacher once said that to me)

My tumblr:
My Finnish comic blog:…

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HarleyGreen Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Kaarina, I know it's quite late, but....
Thanks for last fave :glomp: the Rarity one (still, I think I should fix something with the scanner) !
SnappySnape Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Artist
No problem, it's so cute!<3 I wish I was as good as Rarity with sewing! :D Ooh, have you scanned anything yet?
HarleyGreen Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
I've got a sewing machine, but no idea how to use it nor make it work :P I've to learn... at least to repair holes and such ^^;
So far I've had few time to try it and now I'm learning how to use it well: there are some problems with watercolors drawings: it doesn't take correctly the colors :/ sgrunt!

BTW, how's going with the school? Have you started it?
For now :hug:ss !!!
SnappySnape Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Professional Artist
Haha, sounds familiar! Our sewing machines never worked :S I guess they are simple if they work!

Oh, watercolors are very difficult to scan! You can change the colors in photoshop/gimp though, to make them brighter/darker. But it always loses some of the colors. 

Yes, I have started the school, last Tuesday! So it's been a week! I love my new school and city and apartment! (only thing I miss is Merri,sob!) Last week we mainly had just all kind of info lectures but today we finally started the real school! The first course is super handy for me: basics of photoshop!(and photograph) I have always needed a course of it, now I finally learn to use it properly! My dad gave me his "old" work laptop that has photoshop in it too, so awesome! I can practice it at home too! 

We animation students are totally hand-picked to the program: only 8 students! (I guess it's because they are going to make it every year applying, and not just every two years) The other students seem nice and relaxed! (and I bet all are over 20...oldest are 30. Some of them have some kind of previous degree. ) We have shared courses with film students, like this first course. This city is beautiful and different than Helsinki, we have a big river here, and our school is by it! So idyllic! I have a hunch I'm gonna like it here!
MrBig2 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014   Filmographer
Are requests open?
fortunax Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Woah sä ootkin suomalainen, enpä olis arvannut!! It's a small world after all :D no mut tässä sulle uus follower, vaikutat hyvältä tyypiltä ^^
Looneytunegirl222345 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Uh, could we be friends? :stress: 
eraejorma Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
Gääh, säkin oot sit suomalainen, ois pitäny arvata :P
SnappySnape Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Professional Artist
Juu, olenhan minä!
ResidentoToonTown Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hyvää Joulua!
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